Boas explain why it replaced the bad record of Gol juicy couture outlet

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slide: boas on the sidelines command similar to the traffic police varied and passion radiance february 18, in the fa cup five match,christian louboutin outlet, boas's chelsea difficult to tie the championship club birmingham, teams will choose day replay.赛后博阿斯 to accept the interview,mulberry uk, the portugal coach,mulberry outlet, rumors of upcoming class,christian louboutin sale, still the performance of a tough, although not quite satisfied with the performance of the team,christian louboutin uk, but stressed that chelsea can still create good results. recent chelsea struggled in the premiership with the top four are difficult to firmly installed in the past four league at minus 3,mulberry bags, fleet street analysts say such a bad record for abu to the limit of patience boas into a list of the top class. before the england media boas future forecast may vary depending on the performance of these two decide whether to allow him to leave stamford bridge. have not failed. mata penalty is scored,christian louboutin shoes, we win, in addition to several opportunities, if a good grasp of, and may also bring goals ... recently our luck is not very good, but does not mean that all hope. opponents like us to win the ambitions and desires, and birmingham, to start with a goal to obtain confidence caused us trouble, and eventually got a draw. > boas special tribute to the fighting spirit shown by the player in backward: for the fighting spirit they showed, on this point i am very satisfied with this prove that we can through their own efforts to change the fate, all is not so bad, i will also command the team kick down (this season) the next game . the work also needs to be improved, we still have room for improvement. reporter further question whether abu indicators of the fa cup or any other champion on the team, portugal coach a denial: indicators need players and coaching staff to bear. torres has not scored over this boas vicinity of the topic: he need to go to the restricted area of ​​a direct threat to the other door ... he's in good shape, has been to pose a threat to each other, i want to emphasize is that if the goal, he immediately demonstrated the other side. at the tactical side, we need the core of a tactical, more long pass to a direct threat to other restricted area, so we have to change. on mata penalty boas is very upset: i have to say that luck does not belong to us, a great influence on the chance of losing a necessary goal for the team's morale. throughout the first half after that, we were a little absent-minded, and good in the second half of the mentality of the team quickly adjusted. (sohu sports loopback) (editor: zhai he) share: recommended hua germany class reasons for guo shiqiang class reasons min lulei why do not you class boas annual salary tank world record query jie calderon barcelona class milan and real madrid history record mourinho evaluation of boaz aspen oriental extraordinary